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Posted on Sep 20, 2017 in dating, Uncategorized

Top Symbols of Masculinity

Do you like to date sissy men or masculine men? I am not sure that I like the new way of describing men who are a little bit feminine. Most of the gents I date at North London escorts cannot be described as sissies even though they may be a little bit on the feminine side. When you look at them, you will find that many of them do have some signs of masculinity about them, and it all depends on what you all masculine at the end of the day.

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For instance, I call a symbol of masculinity a tie. The shape and size of the tie does not matter at all. In fact, the very fact that my gent wears a tie tells me he rather a masculine kind of guy. You normally find that guys who date girls at North London escorts are rather masculine, and often turn up for dates wearing a tie. For some reason, it seems to be some sort of old fashion north London standard. Look what I have got, I have got a tie!

The other thing is after shave. Did you know that a lot of gay guys like to wear a more feminine scent. In fact, I have a couple of gay men friends who like to wear ladies body lotion. At first I was a bit taken back, but then I realised the scent of a body lotion is more subtle than a lady’s perfume. I often wear a nice body lotion instead of a perfume at North London escorts. If you like, a body lotion is much less invasive that a perfume, and I guess that is why I enjoy wearing them so much. A gent who is a bit more masculine in his ways, will often wear a much more musky scent or heavy scent.

You may not have noticed this, but gents who are very masculine, often wear suits. Gentlemen who like to present themselves as a woman’s best friend, often turn up for dates in nice slacks and may even wear an open neck shirt. I do like to see a man in a suit and I know when a gent turns up suited and booted for a date as we say at North London escorts, that he means business. I love it and I find that men in suits are super sexy. The only problem I have is that I want to take them off right away.

What ever turns you on about your man, you will find some symbol of masculinity there somewhere. I often look for gold rings with a black middle at North London escorts. That often means that the man is a Mason. When you flip that black bit over, you will find that it has a Masonic sign on the other side. Very few gay men are Masons, and if you have one of those on a date, you know that you are dating a man who is not a sissy, and not likely to be gay. Just make the most of your night together, and have some fun in which ever way you like or enjoy.