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Posted on Oct 25, 2016 in dating, Uncategorized

Things that you need to talk about in a relationship

Not all of us find it easy to talk about certain things in a relationship. My last boyfriend and I split up a couple of weeks back, and one of the reasons was communication. I did not find it easy to talk to him, and he did not find it easy to talk to me. We felt like we had something in common but I could not put my finger on what it was. When we met after I finished my shift at Crystal Palace escorts, it was like we had nothing to say to each other. That was not the best feeling in the entire world.


body language



It is not easy to manage a personal relationship at the best of times. I know that many of the girls here at Crystal Palace escorts struggle. One of the problems is that we earn a lot more money than the blokes that we go out with. I think that finances is one of the toughest things that you can ever learn to talk about. When I ask my dates at the agency why they divorced, many of them say it was because they could not talk about the basics such as money.


Families do not always get on, and that is part of many relationship problems as well. Before I joined Crystal Palace escorts, I used to share an apartment with this other girl. Her family seemed to have had lots of family problems and were forever arguing. Fortunately my family gets on really well, but I know that some people find keeping their families together a real challenge. You may love your husband but you may not necessary love your mother-in-law. Life is never easy.


Another thing that more and more people argue about is work. We all need to work really work long hours to keep ourselves in money and pay for our lives. With Brexit now, things are becoming more expensive again and I am sure that we are all going to be affected by that. I do well at Crystal Palace escorts, but I also that there are a lot of jobs around London which does not pay as well as this one. If you want a family you may find work even more challenging.


I hear a lot about relationship issues at Crystal Palace escorts. Most of the gents that I date have been married at least once, if not twice, and it does rather put you off. Is there such a thing as true love? I am not sure that there is any more and that is kind of sad. We all try to so hard, and happiness seems to be harder to find these days. More people are living on their own, and I do sometimes wonder if it is the right way forward when it comes to living your life. I don’t think that I would like to live on my own when I get older. That would be kind of sad and I hate being lonely.