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Posted on Nov 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

The reason of my happiness now – Petite escorts

It’s a beautiful day since I meet this woman, she is the reason of my happiness now. And I am grateful for her every day of my life. She gives inspiration to me, and strength. She is the reason why I choose to be brave in all my life challenges. She enlightened my mind when I about to give up, and I was just so happy meeting her. There was a big change in my life when she came. She never lets me down and gives positivity to it. I was once don’t believe in love, but now I am happy to have her. Love is the reason why we change; we become more inspired to face all struggles in life. We are more than motivated not to give up, and reach our goals. We don’t afraid of what is coming sooner, we look forward to what tomorrow brings. We set goals for ourselves and began to dream again. Love made our life more interesting and exciting, it’s like we are grateful to wake up each day and face a new life. It feels like we live in heaven and just feel pure happiness. Everything just go with the flow.

Love is the reason why we choose to be happy, alive and bloom in life. I never thought to reach this far after all. I was far different from before, having all these negative thoughts in me, and almost want to give up. I came from a low-income family, and that’s why I have this determination to change my life. I need to become firm or else my life will go down again, and I have this trauma to go back to what I have been through in the past. I don’t want to experience such hunger, a dumpy place and no dreams in life again. I have struggled hard before, working day and night to sustain my family and education. I got this urge to finish my studies or else I will live this way all of my life. My family has never supported me, and it badly hurts me. They thought that I have just wasted my time and money for a non-sense education. And just does not bring good in my future. They want me to give all my money to them, but I didn’t. I know I have a bigger future. Over the years I have proved it to them. I finally finish my college and had a stable income. Until I built my own business. But it is not as easy as it seems. I need to work hard for it every day of my life. The company is like a gamble, sometimes you win and lose. I almost bankrupt it and worried. I booked a petite escort from to relieve the pain. And I am grateful of her, aside from her beauty and intelligent, she had life’s wisdom and shared it to me. I keep booking her because of the positivity she gives. And find me, falling in love with her over the/time.