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Posted on Mar 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

The act of saving – Luton escorts

I must admit that I am pretty lousy at it. When you are young, I think it is all too easy to waste money on stuff that you really don’t need. For instance, I think that most of the tips I get at Luton escorts are wasted, but I am trying to get better at that. One of the girls at Luton escorts of as suggested that I save half of my tips and spend the other half than I sort of get “into saving” she said.
It is true, I should learn how to be better with money. Like most other younger people, I grew up without not getting any pocket money. My parents gave me money when I needed money, so I did not really learn about money. It has certainly affected my attitude towards money, but it was not until I started to work at Luton escorts until I noticed the problem.
So, what do I waste my money on? I tend to buy rather a lot of makeup and stuff like that. Unlike the other girls at Luton escorts from, I don’t buy quality make up. I am fully aware that I should be doing that, but I don’t seem to able to get around to it. It is so easy to pop into Boots and buy what is on offer. I also always pop in my Boots card in the machine, and I get lots of extra offers. Yes, I know that I would save money if I bought better quality items. But when you are young, you don’t think about things like that. Instead you just want to have as many things as possible, but I am beginning to think that I have too much.
Cloths is another one of my down falls. It is the same thing again. I buy lots of clothes instead of buying quality clothes. It is so tempting when you are 21 years old to fill your wardrobe with lots of clothes. Sometimes I only end up wearing something once or twice, and then I put them to the back of the wardrobe. Most of the clothes that I buy are not for Luton escorts, they are just for me. It is rapidly becoming a problem, and I am not sure what I should do.
Magazines are one of my down falls as well. I tend to buy a lot of magazines that I only read once. When there is nothing in the magazine which really interests me, I always just put it away, and forget about it, my little flat is packed with magazines which I really need to check out. They can either be thrown away, or given to a charity shop. The problem is that I am so lazy and I really don’t get a lot done after I come home from Luton escorts. On the weekends, I go out drinking with my friends and I guess that is just another waste of money.