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Posted on Nov 7, 2017 in dating, Uncategorized

She was not what I had expected

I was new to dating escorts when I met Yvette from Brompton escorts. It was my first date with an escort from a professional agency, and before I met Yvette from Brompton escorts, I had only dated independent escorts. Many of them were really unreliable and as I am a busy guy, I thought that it might be better if I used a professional agency. It was soon to pay off, and as soon I met Yvette, I realised that I had a different kind of escort.

brompton escort

Most of the girls at Brompton escorts work as outcall escorts and I guess that is what I like about the service. Once I am back home after a long working day, I hate to go back out again to try to find an escort in London. As soon as I found the escort agency in Bromley online, I thought that it might be right up my street. The idea of giving an escort agency a call really seemed to fit in with the kind of escort service I was looking for.

The girl on the phone, told me to check out the website. Everything I needed to know about Bromley escorts was online, and I think I spent about an hour checking out all of the different escorts I could date in Bromley. There were blond escorts, busty escort and even girls who specialised in stuff like BDSM. However, I liked the look of blond Yvette and as luck would have it, she was available for a date that night.

Once again, I called the Bromley escorts, and the girl on the phone asked me if I wanted to meet Yvette for one or two hours. I thought that one hour was little bit short, so I decided that I would meet up with Yvette for two hours. When she came around a little while later, I was glad that I had arranged the date for a two hour period. Not only was Yvette very stunning, she had the most amazing personality as well. We got on very well, and to be honest, I wish that she could have stayed longer. But, I decided to make a note of her name, and I knew that I would be seeing her again very soon.

I am not sure what I had really expected out of the date with Yvette from Bromley escorts, but I was pleasantly surprised, She treated me like she had known me for ages, and it was very much like a genuine girlfriend experience that I had been looking for when I first started to date escorts. Since our first date, we have met up on several occasions and had a really good time. If you would like to date escorts, I think it is so much better to try to hook up with a girl from an escort agency such as the one in Bromley. You will get a far, far better experience and I am sure that you will love it.