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Posted on May 11, 2015 in escorts world, Uncategorized, Videos

Sexiest Perfumes for the Sexiest Girls

Do you like perfume? I absolutely love perfume and different scents, and I must admit I have a bit of a collection. Most escorts love perfume as well, and the truth is a lot of dates like to buy their favorite escorts perfumes.

It can be very daunting to buy escorts perfume, you don’t know what they like and if they have a special scent they like to wear. But, are there any perfumes which are sexier than others and do dates really care what perfumes a London escort wears on their dates? When I was working as part of a team of escorts in London, I did have a couple of dates who liked me to wear a special perfume.

Some men even find certain scents sexier than others, and I do think that they can be right. A lot of “darker scents” contain myrrh and musk, and this is what you might experience as sexy. The perfume market is huge, and there are so many scents to choose from that you are spoiled for choice.

My husband travels a lot, and he now buys me a lot of my perfume. However, whenever we visit the Middle East together, we go into one of the many perfume or scent shops in the souks. It may sound silly, but in the Middle East it is still better to shop with a man and I always let my husband to do all the talking. And of course, I let him pay as well.


Opium is perhaps the perfume which is associated with sex. It is one of the sexiest smells on the perfume’s market and you can now even by Black Opium which has even a deeper scent. Opium is really rich in musk oils, and when you smell the perfume you can almost taste the musk oil on your tongue.

The entire Opium range is very sexy, and I know that many escorts prefer to wear only Opium. I quite like Opium myself, and I am the proud owner of body lotion, perfume and bubble bath. If, you enter an escorts bath room you are very likely to find Opium there as it tends to be a very popular scent amongst escorts.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is another popular brand, and this brand produces a little bit of everything. In many ways this scent is not that different from Opium. It has very rich undertones, and I think it has a dark, depth which is difficult to explain or put into words. Many escorts wear this perfume as well, and one of my friends says that she finds it very sensual. It has a lingering perfume which you can smell a long time after the wearer has left the room.

I don’t think that a bubble bath is available but I do know that a body lotion is in stores. So far, I only have the perfume but I guess I had better look out for the body lotion. maybe I should give my husband a little shopping list to see if he can arrange a little treat for me in the not too distant future.