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Posted on Aug 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

London escorts are the only one who valued my existence.

I can’t forget my life where I experience too much cruelty by the world. I am thankful that my depression and anxiety did not come to the point of committing suicide. It was a hard battle for me, and many times I failed in my life. But maybe God has something good for me and have to be patient.


It was a painful past for me and remembering it made me cry many times. We used to have a beautiful and complete family before the tragedy. I love my family so much that their disappearance made me so much alone and suffered so much. We are two siblings, and therefore we are five in the family. My mom is always the light in the family; she is still the best comfort. Everytime dad feels so tired from work; she ever made him his favorite brewed coffee and lasagna. She always in between for everyone and rule peace and order. My dad is a good provider; even there are days he seems so tired and restless, he always makes time to play with us. He still finds time to ask hows our day and teach us about our school. Even of his busy schedules, he finds ways to catch our achievements in school. I am so grateful for having supportive parents like them.


We are a wealthy family, and I can see how people treated us. You are respected and given all the attention. Everyone shows you good things about them, and I realized their behavior always depends on the state of your life.


My parents send us to one of the prestigious school in London; I still can remember the day before the tragedy happened. My brother was absent because he is not feeling well. And I was the only one who goes to school. My mom texted me a lot of times that they will fetch me after class because we were going to watch a movie. I haven’t replied to it because I have no load. When I go to a store and buy a load, I got a call from an unknown number. It was from the hospital where my whole family brought. I came here, but they are all dead.


I was devastated by what had happened, the business of my dad did not care anymore. All my relatives distant themselves. I had no friends and began to live miserably. I got a little money left and used it for school.


I finish college without any help and with hard work. Thankfully my life started to bloom when I met London escorts fromĀ with me. London escorts are a fantastic woman and made me happy. London escorts are the only one who valued my existence