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Posted on May 21, 2019 in dating, Uncategorized

Is there such a thing as flirty foods?

I sat down with a group of London escorts, and we decided to have a go at finding out which foods are the best for flirting. Playing with food can sometimes be great fun, and I just love putting chocolate buttons in my husband’s belly button. Okay, I have let you in on one of my little secrets, but so what!

However, London escorts and myself sat down in front of Waitrose’s web site and slowly started to go through it. What food would we select if we wanted to be flirty and a bit sexy with a guy?

Finding flirty foods is not as easy as it seems, and both the London escorts and I realised that we were in for a major challenged. Okay, so we are talking flirty foods here not foods that you bring into the bedroom with you to have some fun with. The first thing that we came across was prawns. Waitrose had them on special offer at the moment, and one of the London escorts suggested that they were flirty foods.

You can slowly peel the shell of a prawn, and then suddenly rip the head off before you wind the object of your desire around your tongue. Yes, the London escorts had scored one. Prawns are flirty, and you can even dip them in a bit of sauce before you enjoy them.

Another one of the cheap London escorts suggested carrots and celery. We debated this for a while but then realised that she was right. The London escorts suggested that we cut both the carrots and celery into smaller sticks, and dipped them into something a bit saucy such as Marie Rose dressing.

The next suggestions came from me, and one of the London escorts as well. It concerned sausages, and of course sausages can be a flirty food once you get your lips around it. It may be a bit greasy but there is absolutely no reason why London escorts couldn’t use sausages when they flirt with their dates.

Then something dawned on me, a good time to flirt would be breakfast. You are parting for the day but you want to leave him with a bit of a flirty memory of your time together. I suggested that to the London escorts that next time they had a breakfast date, they should try dipping toast soldiers into a runny egg, and see how that went down. A sexy drippy toast soldier may just turn a chap on if you are lucky, and I will try it myself tomorrow morning at breakfast. My husband likes to make our daughter a runny egg, why can’t I have one as well?

Of course, there are many other foods as well that could be considered flirty but strawberries and grapes are just so boring. It would be nice to come up with some new flirty food variations, and would that make a great little book by the way??? Flirty foods by Raymond Blanc – that sounds good!