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Posted on Oct 21, 2014 in escorts world

Handling a Rape Incident

Prostitution and London escorts services do not always provide a happy life to the girls working in it. Even though there are scheduled appointments and encounters with generous and kind clients, there are also client appointments that end up dangerous and traumatic for the London escorts and prostitutes.

The Common Problem: Being Raped by Customers

While most London escorts and prostitutes provide more than just companionship to clients, there are still times that a man forces his hired London escorts to participate in a sexual activity, ending up as a rape. Although these girls can provide sexual intimacies with companions, it is not the primary function she has or the primary service she can offer.

On the male part, one of the things to remember when hiring an London escort or prostitute is to understand that they are not just about sex all the time, but they provide companionship and enough time with you in exchange of the payment you give to her. If you want something more than just pure companionship, then you should be asking for the London escort’s approval before doing so.

Escorts in London Being Raped by Clients: The Initial Steps to Do

When you are a London escort or a prostitute and you are raped by your participant during the appointment, one of the initial steps you should do is to gather up yourself and your thoughts. Even though a rape incident is not a funny occurrence, it is very essential for you to keep every thought you have especially when you go to a police station and report the incident.

While there may be generalisations about your London escorts profession, you should not have that negative feel when you report the incident. Always be very clear when you give information and details of the incident. State every little thing that happened, especially at the time that the companion attacked you. Always have a bigger picture in your mind and review what happened in order to report it accordingly.

If you are not courageous enough to face the police and report the incident on your own, then it would be better if you call up a lawyer to help you with the reporting and filing of the case. You are working as London escorts or prostitute and these officers usually misunderstand your line of work. In this event, the help of a lawyer can back you up when you feel discouraged to report the incident. There are even some lawyers who present the case by themselves and even accompany the London escorts or prostitute to every process of the interview or report.

professional London escorts, advise do not be disheartened of reporting your case when you are raped. There is a lawyer who can assist you with every step since he/she fully understands the legal processes you have to go through.