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Posted on May 16, 2016 in Uncategorized, Videos

Favorite Holiday Destinations

Is it time to go on holiday yet? I really do feel that I need to go on holiday. For some reason this winter has been really long and so far we have not had much of a spring. I do feel like I need to get some sunshine sunshine on my skin, and I know that many other of the girls here at Bromley escorts feel the same way. To be perfectly frank, I often sit and dream about my holidays here at Bromley escorts. There are so many places to visit and I do like my holiday dreams.


I don’t really have a traveling companion and I often end up traveling on my own. When I was younger I always used to want to go back packaging and stuff like that but now I know that it is not really for me. In recent years I have done a couple of cruises with a friend of mine from Bromley escorts. It has been great and we have just really been using the cruise ship as a hotel. The cruises have been great but now I feel that I would like to do some other things as well.


Girl of my Dreams in Bromley Escorts

Girl of my Dreams in Bromley Escorts

One of my dream destinations is Hawaii. Yes, you can go on cruises to Hawaii but I would actually like to stay there for a couple of weeks. It is a heck of a long flight to get to Hawaii, but I think that I would like to go next year. I am saving up my money that I earn at Bromley escorts and I intend to buy a business class ticket. In many ways, I feel that I have always been drawn towards Hawaii and I don’t know why. Maybe I will meet the man of my dreams in Hawaii.


Another place I would like to travel to is Japan. A couple of my regular dates at Bromley escorts are visitors from Japan and they are really nice guys. I really do enjoy spending time with them and they keep telling me about Japan. It looks like such a peaceful place and it is has a lot of interesting history. I would love to do things like take the bullet train across Japan and visit many of the locations that you see on Discovery channel and places like that. It would be so exciting.


That being said, I enjoy traveling in the UK as well. Whenever I have a few days off from Bromley escorts, I often jump in my car and take off. It is not always fun traveling on your own but I do like the fact that I can just go off somewhere. When I get older I think that I would like to live somewhere like Devon or Cornwall. Property prices here in the UK are crazy and I don’t really want to invest in another property in London. My little flat is fine and I don’t think that I would be able to afford another place in London. Living somewhere cheaper would allow me to travel a bit more.