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Posted on Jan 4, 2018 in dating, Uncategorized

Do you have to be a sexy girl to be a gold digger?

You should perhaps be a little bit sexy if you would like to be a gold digger, but you don’t need to be all out sexy. One of the girls here at Charlotte action escorts thought that you had to be some sort of sex bomb to be a gold digger, but that is not true. Most successful gold diggers that I know have even toned down their sexiness a little bit.

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I worked with a Swedish girl who went on to became a really good gold digger. Mind you, she was not bad at London escorts neither. Let’s put it this way, Sandra had some amazing qualities that gentlemen really seemed to appreciate. Apart from her clean Scandi looks, she came across as a really nice girl and that is what made her into such a success at London escorts. This stunning girl could just turn men into jelly with her smile, and make them feel on top of the world as she listened to them.

All of these thing really helped when she moved on from London escorts to become a gold digger in London. Not only she seem to be able to listen to men very well, but she was also one of these girls who could cook her way into a man’s heart. She had cooked for a few guys at London escorts and they all said that she was really good at it. Of course as we all know, being able to cook a good meal is a sure way into a man’s heart.

Altogether you could say that Sandra was a really homely girl and made her special to many gents. She even used to bake cakes for some of her gents at London escorts, and when she left the agency, she started her own business baking. Of course, that was just a sideline, in reality she was a gold digger and really good at it. This girl made just as much money away from London escorts, as I did working really long hours at the London escort service which I work for here in London.

The answer is that you don’t need to be sexy but you have to have something special. In Sandra’s case, it was her cakes and cooking that got her gents going. From what I understand she is still into gold digging, but does most of it abroad. She rent a flat, cooks her way into someone’s heart and makes a lot of money doing so. Every so often she comes back to London, sells the bling and the handbags that she has got, and moves on. And I hear from my former boss that she always calls in with a cake. It is one of the few things he talks about when we meet – Sandra’s cakes certainly seem to be something special if they can earn that sort of money. Maybe I should take a course in cooking or baking….