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Posted on Jul 20, 2018 in dating, Uncategorized

Do you actually need to have sex on the first date?

I recently met a really nice guy when I was on my way home from Epping escorts of You may find this hard to believe but we did actually met in the supermarket. We started o chat and he asked me if I would like to go out and have dinner the following Saturday. He seemed like such a nice guy that I could not really say no. Was he a nice guy when it all came down to it? No, I don’t think that he was to tell you truth.


It was actually the first time I had been pestered for sex on a first date. I know that I am a rather sexy looking girl, but this man clearly thought that he was going to be lucky on the first date. That was he said to me and I was really surprised. It was the first time I had met a man who seemed to think that he had a right to have sex with a girl. I had offered to go Dutch with him for our meal, but he insisted on paying.


Sitting in the restaurant he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place for dessert. Having worked for Epping escorts for some time now, I am used to getting chatted up in all sorts of different ways. Sure, I knew what he meant, and I said no thank you. He immediately turned around and told me that he had paid for the meal. That really annoyed me, and I am sure that it would have annoyed the other girls at Epping escorts as well. I stood up and threw exactly half of the cost of the meal on the table. He had clearly not come across that before as he seemed to be very surprised.


As I left the restaurant, he followed me out. I thought that he was going to do something nasty but instead he said that he was sorry. He had thought that I was super sexy and surely that kind of girl  who would love to have sex with him on the first date. I said not, and I also told him that he should not be asking women openly for sex. It was not something you normally do.


It was a very weird evening out and I started to wonder if he used the local Tesco as his “hunting ground” as I told the girls back at Epping escorts. None of them had met him before, but they did say that I had done the right thing by ditching him as soon as possible. I was glad to be back at Epping escorts, and when I enjoyed a night out with my one my favorite dates, I did have to have a little giggle. I told him about the guy, and my gent said that he worried about that sort of thing as he had a daughter who was coming up to what he called “ a dateable age”. I think I would worry as well if I had any kids.