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Posted on Jul 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Booking London escorts restored my pride.



I should have just run when I had the chance; now it is only too late for me. I am in deep trouble with my girlfriend because she found out about Eliza and me. She caught Eliza and me in bed together on my birthday. My girlfriend told me that she could not be with me for my birthday because she has some critical work to do. So I called Eliza to come to my house to spend some time with me because my girlfriend was not home during my birthday. Eliza agreed and came over to my house around seven pm. what I did not know is that my girlfriend lied to me when she said she could not be home on my birthday. She was planning to surprise me all along. She sneaked in to my house along with some of our familiar friends. I did not notice them at all. When i heard the door opening, it was all too late for me. It was my girlfriend, we all were shocked. I did not know what to do. I tried explaining myself to her, but it was too late. It was all over for me, my relationship with my wonderful girlfriend is now over.


i had no chance in rebuilding back our relationship. I made a complete fool of myself my sleeping with another woman. I thought that what I am doing was cool but when I got caught it all dawned on me that it was never the right thing to do. I could not forgive myself; it was the most despicable thing that I have done to another human being.  I turned to alcohol and drugs to forget the pain that I had caused myself and my girlfriend, but it was not enough. Having my girlfriend in my life was the best thing that had to happen to me especially if she is a London escorts. She was the best, she supports me always and does encourage me to do good in my job. Without her I feel lost, I do not know how to live a life without her. I am still used to her being around. But this was all my fault, and I have no choice but to move on and pay the price. But one thing that I am sure, I will never cheat on my future girlfriend again. It is the stupidest move that I had made. From now on I will only book Kent escorts. Kent escorts are very trustworthy people because they helped me out a lot in dealing with the guilt. Kent escorts are the best in my opinion because if it was not for them, I will never found happiness again in my life.