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Posted on Jul 12, 2019 in dating, Uncategorized

Benefits of masturbation

Recent surveys have suggested that nine out of ten men between 18 and 65 regularly indulge in masturbation, with the true figure likely to be closer to 99%! While modern men are much more open than previous generations when it comes to discussing masturbation, it’s often done so in a jokey or tongue in cheek manner. Surprisingly few men are aware than not only does a little self-love feel great, but it also delivers plenty of health benefits too! Here’s a run through of some of the most important. According to Brompton escorts of

Let’s face it – most guys choose to masturbate simply because it feels good and sates a need when a partner isn’t at hand. While masturbation is often compared to being a reliable fall back option when sex isn’t available, fact is that neurologically speaking a self-stimulated orgasm is just as good as a conventional sexual climax. The wave of endorphin’s that are released have been proven to reduce the pressure of depression, lifting mood and promoting a sense of peace and calm. So, next time you’re feeling stressed out – you know what to do!

Many guys live in fear of the mythical ‘grip of death’ whereby regular masturbation is believed to reduce the sensation of intercourse making ejaculation much more difficult. Masturbation is a commonly prescribed exercise to enhance the staying power of men who are prone to both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It’s believed that simply enjoying regular stimulation helps to keep everything in working order, with guys who engage in any form of sexual activity less frequently being more at risk of falling foul to either of these problems.

The old housewife’s tale that masturbation will send you blind couldn’t be further than the truth! There’s masses of studies that demonstrate how in reality masturbation can deliver several health benefits. First, it’s excellent light exercise for stimulating the cardiovascular system – regular orgasms simply help keep everything pumping away nicely. Secondly masturbation appears to make a considerable difference in reducing the likelihood of conducting prostate cancer. Third, some studies suggest that the number of orgasms a man enjoys will correlate directly to overall lifespan! That’s right, the more you masturbate the longer you may live!

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional escort Brompton escorts if you need a convenient way to get your rocks off, but for some guys this is simply impractical. The good news is that masturbating is the next best thing – there’s no chance of contracting any STD’s (you never know if just taking up a hook-up with a stranger), it’s basically free and can be enjoyed at convenience pretty much anywhere private. Sometimes a long session will deliver an orgasm that’s very close to sex, and other times a quick release is all that’s called for. Either way masturbation can be tailored just to how you like it.

If you believe some people not only do guys who regularly masturbate feel younger – they look it too. Regular orgasms are thought to subtly enhance an individual’s aura, mood and simply the way they conduct themselves. Simply being more relaxed and easy going helps to relay a sense of youth. Throw in the proven advantages that masturbation also delivers for maintaining a regular sleeping pattern and it’s clear that you’ll feel fresher and livelier.