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Posted on Jul 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

A London escort that helps me get over a painful break-up

To get married is hard, you have a greater responsibility, strong commitment and more pressured in life. You have to raise now your own family, make decisions for all and become a role model to your children. In everything you do, you have to consider your family, keep in mind if it will affect them or can it destroy the family. To have someone to be your partner for a lifetime is everything, you have someone to share your problems and face it together. You won’t be afraid anymore to take any challenges that come your way since you became brave for the sake of the family. You do not give up easily and fight hard to have a better life. To be in love is easy but staying in love is hard, to maintain a relationship is tough, you would have to encounter many problems until you proved that your partner is meant for you. You have to choose wisely in your decisions in life. Choose a partner that is good for your soul, your life and not for other. Always remember that you are dealing with a person for the lifetime, and choosing the wrong partner can make your life miserable.

Sometimes we make decisions because we think that it is right for us. We thought it could be good for us and go with the flow. We are afraid to let go, someone who has been a big part to our life; someone had shared many memories to us, we try to escape that we are fear to take life alone or try new things. Until such time, we regret our decisions we made.

I thought about marrying my wife is the best decision I did. She is beautiful and sweet. She was my neighbor a long time ago, my first best friend and my first girlfriend. I love her so much that I am afraid to lose her. So, when we were in high school, I get the chance to court with her and make her my girlfriend. She accepted my love, and we have a smooth relationship together. We created beautiful memories when we were young, she barely makes me smile, and I am grateful for having her. Until she cheated on me and broke me for the first time. It is painful that I have to let her go. She asked for forgiveness many times, but I keep on remembering her mistakes and keep running on my mind. To forget her, I have flown to London and started life there. I met a London escort, and she mends my broken heart. She is beautiful and sweet, and I like her personality. We became friends and every day she gives positivity in my life. Until such time I get over my past.